DANequip was established in 1992 in Tongham, Surrey, importing Dosko chippers & stump grinders.

It started as, and still is a Family run business, producing our Pedestrian Stump Grinders built in our own workshop based in Hampshire since 1999.

We pride ourselves in delivering a good & efficient service. If a customer has a technical issue on site, we offer either phone, or social media assistance.

As the DANequip stump grinders are built here, we use and carry good quality spare parts at ALL times, for our machines and the engines they use, from a wheel stud to hydrastat pump, oil filter to engine.

Also undertaken, the service, repair & complete refurbishment of various other Brushwood Chippers & Stump Grinders.

Customer reviews

Robert Ben Manning
Congratulations how many companies can say they have 26 years of happy customers and selling products that last a test of time like our 20 years old dosko chipper. Good grinder'sand the service from danequip is second to none. On the phone they know exactly what you talking about even if you’re not quite sure on the technical name and size

Harry Mockett
Couldn’t have asked for better service from the parts team, Best machine on the market in
this category

Steve Blyth
Bloody marvellous quick service and a very good price