Tunnissen 350M
coming soon!

Tow behind wood-chipper 350M 3 cycle Deutz 50hp Diesel engine

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At DANequip we work to build lasting relationships with all our customers by serving your interests over a period of time backed by unrivalled support and not just to supply you with market leading products.

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the efficiency of equipment which, in turn, increases it’s cost effectiveness. Our state -of –the-art servicing and workshop facility is designed to reduce the time your machinery spends off-line whilst maintaining unrivalled levels of service and attention to detail from a group of dedicated minds. Our facilities aim to make your life easier and to ensure that each piece of equipment lasts longer and works at peak efficiency.

No one knows our machinery better than our team of highly experienced engineers who can also offer advice on preventative maintenance to prevent unexpected costly and operational reducing mechanical breakdowns.  We are able to talk customers through fault finding, to get the machine up and running as quickly as possible.

Another facet of our unique range of services is that we offer a complete refurbishment of any piece of equipment to prolong its useful and cost-effective life. Your equipment will be refurbished to the highest standard ready for many more years of service.