Tunnissen 350M
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Tow behind wood-chipper 350M 3 cycle Deutz 50hp Diesel engine

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A compact, state-of-the-art machine from the team at DANequip. Primarily designed for contractors who need to deal with the occasional stump removal.


Using the same cutterwheel and bearing set up as our larger self propelled models, this machine can access the narrowest of areas as it is only 23″ wide so you can get in or out with ease but it can still deal with stumps of any width.

The Grinders have reliability built-in, comprising of the best components assembled by a dedicated team of engineering craftsmen and the best design-for-use by technicians with many years of experience.

Make Honda
Horse Power 13hp
Start Pull
Weight 150 kgs
Length 1680 mm
Height 1280 mm
Width 560 mm
Cutter Wheel
Diameter 360 mm
Thickness 10mm
Cutting Capacity
Above Ground 350 mm
Below Ground 210 mm
Stump Width No Limit