Tunnissen 350M
coming soon!

Tow behind wood-chipper 350M 3 cycle Deutz 50hp Diesel engine

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Professional suppliers to professional people

Our ethos is clear – listen to our customers and determine their needs based on our years’ of experience, provide the latest equipment which we have tested thoroughly and provide state-of-the-art servicing facilities to keep the equipment running at peak efficiency.

We do not merely sell to customers but we build relationships with each client so that we have an exact and complete understanding of their requirements and expectations. Each interaction is unique and being a family-run business, we can adapt and respond instantly without having endless committee meetings. We have developed our own, unique range of grinders which, by combining years of observation, practical skills and experience into rugged, reliable and affordable machinery, will promote and enhance your range of services and professionalism.

We are 100% passionate and transparent about what we do so that our clients can have the utmost confidence in our staff, our business, our service and our products. Say goodbye to ‘PowerPoint’ and welcome ‘To The Point’.