Tunnissen 350M
coming soon!

Tow behind wood-chipper 350M 3 cycle Deutz 50hp Diesel engine

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Leading the way in narrow access stump grinding

Celebrating our 22nd anniversary in 2014, DANequip has always
been a family-run business which has always focused on
resilience aswell as performance. Unlike large conglomerates,
everyone at DANequip is committed to the best quality of client
service in all aspects of the company. Being family-run
guarantees that we continuously provide the best products
and services at highly competitive price with the ‘personal
touch’ provided free of charge, and will continue to
provide exceptional service for another 25 years…
…and more.

“As always the best service by far!”

TH Tree Services

Our workshops

Our fully equipped, well stocked
workshops can swiftly deal with
all maintenance and repair on
our or other makes of machine

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